Desktop => mobile =>…connected cars

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Car dashboards have become digital platforms and are creating a massive new market for carmakers, digital-media companies, and even marketers.

In the next 5 years, revenue from connected-car services is expected to reach ca. $152 billion. Currently, connected safety features bring in the most revenue (ca. $13 billion), yet safety revenue stream is forecasted to lose its top spot to driver assistance. Revenue from both of these features is estimated to generate over $110 billion in 2020, with the remaining $42 billion more or less evenly split between such features as entertainment, well-being, vehicle management, and mobility management.

The intriguing question is who will pay for these services. According to a recent survey, 25% of global consumers would be willing to receive in-car advertising if it meant they got free basic services in exchange. Thus marketers are presented with another huge market opportunity to tap into, and so the battle between digital media companies continues.